Monday, June 29, 2009

"Washed under the blacktop, gone beneath my wheels..."

I wanted to throw up some pictures from last Thursday when the family spent a day in Milwaukee at a Brewers-Twins game followed by Summerfest. My brother Cody is in town for a couple of weeks visiting (he moved out to Los Angeles back in January), and as a belated Fathers' Day gift to my dad we took him to the ball game and to see the Conor Oberst show at Summerfest. The game was fun, though I am not the world's biggest baseball fan, and I happen to be a Cubs fan, so my team wasn't playing. An afternoon spent with beer, brats, and baseball is always time well spent.

Seeing Conor Oberst with his new Mystic Valley Band was incredible, and quite possibly the best concert I've ever seen, no joke. I have always loved his songwriting as he is an incredible lyricist, and the new band is just rock and fuckin' roll. I especially enjoyed hearing "Moab" live, which, if you read back to my first post, you will discover is the namesake for this blog. That song became my mantra while on tour around the midwest back in October of 2008, and hearing it live was very special. "Washed under the blacktop, gone beneath my wheels, there's nothing that the road cannot heal."
With my brother Cody and my mom. Our seats were pretty much as high up as you can get, but at least we were on the shade on a very hot day.


Eagerly awaiting Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band.


'n fuckin' roll

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