Saturday, December 26, 2009

Euro Vacay/Tour Starts Tomorrow

Playing Rolf's house concert last year in Prague

Happy Holidays, everyone!  Tomorrow my family (parents and brother) and I will be catching a plane in Chicago bound for Rome, Italy.  The four of us are spending a week and a half together in Italy, visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, and Cortina, and then they are flying home and I will begin my tour from there.  

After leaving Italy on January 8th I will catch the night train to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I play my first gig the next night.  From there on I will head to Budapest, Hungary to play a show and do a bit of recording with my friend Adam, and on to 5 or 6 more countries after that before flying out of Paris on February 2nd.  I will be trying to keep this blog current with pictures from the travels just like last year, so stay tuned!  Here are the tourdates I have booked right now, and I might add one or two more at this point.

  • Jan. 9 - Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Jan. 12 - recording in Budapest with Hungarian engineer Adam Szabo
  • Jan. 13 - iF Kavezo, Budapest, Hungary
  • Jan. 15 - Subterrarium, Vienna, Austria
  • Jan. 17 - Rolf's House Concert, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Jan. 19 - Subway To Peter, Chemnitz, Germany
  • Jan. 21 - Spatz Und Wal, Unna, Germany
  • Jan. 22 - Cafe Hilde, Berlin, Germany
  • Jan. 23 - Alice's House Concert, Berlin, Germany
  • Jan. 24 - Mobile Blues Club, Hamburg, Germany
  • Jan. 25 - Pony Bar, Hamburg, Germany
  • Jan. 28 - Gisele's House Concert, Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Jan. 29 - Bar Fabiola, Gent, Belgium
  • Jan. 30 - Caitlin's House Concert, Bordeaux, France

If you are nearby in Europe, please stop by a show!  If it is a house concert, send me an email ( and I can get you more info.  Also, please send any friends or family members that are in Europe out to a concert.  

On one last, unrelated note, the American music scene lost a great songwriter today, Athens, GA's Vic Chesnutt.  R.I.P., Vic, you were a truly original songwriting voice.

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