Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rome (superrambleshouldhavehadmycoffeethismorning)

The church bells seem constant, that is one of the first things you notice. This is a very "Catholic" town. Duh. It does not seem constrained by conservative thought, though. Everywhere couples engage in public displays of affection, the faint smell of marijuana on the street is not a rarity (though not a constant as in Amsterdam or San Francisco), and fashion and excess are the rule. When I am there, I simply walk for hours. Walk past the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum, etc. Sightseeing is always free when all you need to do is walk. I've been there three times, now. The first was a 3-week study abroad trip in college, the other two times were short visits. Still, I walked my ass all over that town, even during the short visits. Walked to pizza, to gelato, to grappa and wine and beer. I walked while holding hands with a date, walked by my lonesome, taking in sights, walked with my family, acting as tour guide. Rome is eternal, Rome is for walking.

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