Monday, January 5, 2009

The Cheapest Flight of My Life

So I am preparing for my eastern Euro-trip later this month, and am feeling good about everything. Bought myself a Eurail pass good for five of the countries I'll be in, have a few couchsurfs set up, and a hostel or two as well. In the middle of the month-long trip, I'll be arriving in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, and from there heading south by train to Bosnia's capital, Sarajevo. After Sarajevo I'm heading south, back into Croatia, and to the beautiful Adriatic coastal-town of Dubrovnik.

Now I learned from my readings that it is a long process to travel back up to Zagreb by land from Dubrovnik (which I need to do in order to make my way west to Slovenia and Italy), so I decided to see what I could get a plane ticket for between the two cities. I paid a visit to the Croatia Airlines website and checked into the pricing for the date in question. Of course, the website is meant for Croatians, and so displayed the price in Kuna (HRK), 225.70. Now I'm thinking, "oh man, I was hoping it would be cheaper than that, how much is that in good old US greenbacks?" Drum rolllll..........


Hell yes!

A 55 minute flight in Croatia costs only 42 bucks, damn thats good! I'm glad that there are still places in the world where the dollar gets you somewhere. I will only be in three countries on my trip that are using the Euro: Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. Book your vacations to eastern Europe soon, friends, countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic are on schedule to join the Eurozone within the next few years, and then it will be just as expensive as western Europe (probably even more so, since the Euro will just get stronger against the dollar).

Well, thats all for now, just wanted to share with you my excitement about the cheapest flight of my life, hoorah.

P.S. I realize that I am now about a month behind on posting the rest of the installments about my December east coast train tour. The holidays stalled me, and I've been under a mountain of booking work. Currently I am booking a month-long tour out to California in back in March, an Alaskan tour in early May, and midwestern dates in between. I'll post it soon, though, I promise, along with some pictures from my holiday excursion with the family to Colorado!

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Cassiemarie said...

hey johnny, if you need any advice about traveling through Bosnia, one of my good friends is from there, and I could get you two connected. just let me know! sounds exciting!