Saturday, January 31, 2009

Arrival in Praha (Prague)

So after a fun night train from Krakow (and maybe a little too much partying on board), I arrived in Prague around 7am. I was couchsurfing with a Swedish man named Rolf, and so I followed his tram directions to his apartment, which turned it to actually be inside of the Swedish Embassy (Rolf works there)! It is a beautiful building with a beautiful view of the entire city of Prague. Below is the view from the balcony right outside my bedroom window...Couchsurfing is amazing indeed, and Rolf was a great great host. He threw a party the next night, but I will tell you more about that later.

The balcony outside of my bedroom window with Petrin Hill behind.

The courtyard of the Swedish Embassy.

Rolf's dining room

This is the street right outside of the embassy, Uvoz, which leads down to the Little Quarter and eventually the Charles Bridge. Prague is a beautiful, beautiful city, and I will be posting many more pictures soon!

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Cassiemarie said...

When I think of couchsurfing, I think of skeezy. That is super nice!! Hope you are having a good time!