Sunday, February 1, 2009

Praha in Pictures - Pt. 1

The beginning of Prague's famous Charles Bridge. This is the end closest to the Little Quarter and where I stayed. It is called the Charles Bridge because it was commissioned by Emperor Charles IV in 1342. Charles IV was a Holy Roman Emperor and is a very important historical figure in Prague, as he moved the capital of the Holy Roman Empire there during his reign, marking the city's Golden Age.

Looking across the Vltava River to the National Theatre.

I departed the Charles Bridge for a bit to walk on Kampa Island in the river. I found this interesting row of penguins, and behind them is the Charles Bridge.

Back on the Charles Bridge. It is lined with many statues, mostly of Saints, I think, which weren't added until much later.

The bridge tower on the Old Town side, considered a Gothic masterpiece by many. To the left you can see some construction where they are working on restoring parts of the bridge. They are doing it in sections so that they do not have to close the bridge entirely, as it is an important landmark and walkway for Prague. Rolf told me that there is a lot of controversy over this restoration, as some people say that it is not being repaired in the correct manner and will not be historically accurate once finished.

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