Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Home!

So I am back home in the good ole US of A, and man what a trip that was! Obviously I still need to finish some posts, as I still have to cover my Slovene road trip, Venice, Verona, and Rome, so I'll get those pictures posted soon. I just wanted to say what an amazing time I had in Europe, and give shout-outs to some folks that made it so great. While I saw many wonderful sights, by and large the BEST thing about my trip was the great great people I met. So thanks to the folks below, I'm glad that I met you, and to many more people that aren't listed, you made my trip!

Warsaw - Katarzyna, I really enjoyed hanging out with you at the hostel, thanks for bringing your charm to the beginning of my trip

Krakow - Gosia, Gosia & Bartek, thanks for your hospitality and your warm apartment
Francisco, had a great time exploring the city with you man, hopefully we'll meet up in the U.S. some day

Prague - Rolf, you were such a great friend to me in Prague, it was truly a pleasure to surf at your apartment and get to know you

Budapest - Adam, I had a great time recording with you, and thanks so much for sharing your home with me and helping me set up some gigs

Vienna - Klaus, thank you for the amazing gig in Vienna, and for sharing some stories and beers with me

Sarajevo - Pete and Rod, you guys were a blast to hang out with, I hope we can be lucky enough some day to meet up again somewhere to party

Ljubljana - Muki, you were a great guide to the city, and thank you so much for the place to stay and for the great gigs

Parma - Guido and Francesca, your venue is a wonderful place to perform, and you were extremely kind hosts, thank you

To everyone else that I met randomly on trains and in town squares, you all made my trip! Thank you,


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