Saturday, February 14, 2009


My introduction to Croatia, and the Balkans, was a bumpy but interesting one. Immediately upon crossing the border into Croatia the train was stopped and we were all told that we had to get off to catch a bus that would take us to another station where we would then hop on another train. No explanation was given, and I was extra confused because none of this was in English and I had to get an Austrian kid to translate for me. It turns out that there had been an accident up ahead on the rails involving a tractor, so we were taking a bus to get around that section of track. While on the bus riding through a country road, I saw a semi rolled over and lots of police gathered. Accidents abound in Croatia. It was all taken with good humor though, and I was surrounded by some good folks to laugh about it with. The picture above is the second, graffiti-covered train that finally brought me to Zagreb, Croatia's capital.

It was my first nice sunny day in awhile, and it was fairly warm outside, so I finally got to see some Europeans enjoying the outdoor cafe culture. I only had a six hour layover in Zagreb before catching my night train to Sarajevo, so it was all R&R for me as well. I found a nice park bench to watch the sun set over Zagreb...

I found another park bench to relax on while waiting for my train. It felt like a warm spring night, and it was very relaxing.

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