Monday, February 9, 2009

Budapest Pt. 1

Adam was my awesome awesome couchsurfing host in Budapest. He met me at the train station with this sign reading "Simon & Garfunkel". Adam was not only cool enough to set me up with a couple of gigs while in Budapest, but he also has a recording studio in his home, and we recorded FOUR new songs!

The subway in Budapest, built in 1896. Nearly every other building in the city was built around that time because it was the millennial celebration of the nomadic Magyars (Hungarians) settling down in Europe. They threw a huge party in 1896 and built the European continent's first subways system, along with the Parliamentary building and many others you'll see later...

Budapest's castle. It looks really impressive from far away and across the river, but when you walk up to it, its really pretty bland.

The market, built in, wait, guess... 1896! I bought some delicious pastries here.

The pedestrian shopping boulevard in the center of the city. Pretty quiet on a Monday morning.

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