Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spies, Slacking, and Rec Reading

My songwriting notebook was stolen from me.  Or I just left it somewhere.  Maybe.  But I'm pretty sure Nashville sent a thief up to Wisconsin to sneak into my apartment and steal it, those were grammy-winning lyrics for sure.  Its a serious tragedy, though, as I had about 20 unfinished songs in there, all in various levels of completion.  Yea, three fourths of them were probably no good, but apparently they were good enough for the music row spies.  Yea, I'm pretty sure thats the guy right there in the picture, he just looks like a slick espionage-r.    

I am a total slacker.  This blog does not get updated nearly enough.  

But here is a blog you should definitely read.  Its a travel journal based on adventures in Kenya, written by my new friend Alex.  A great example of a well-kept travel blog, something I would definitely like to work towards.  Here it is: So Close and Yet Safari

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