Friday, October 9, 2009

Sugar Loaf hike - Winona, MN

I'm currently up in Winona, MN, as I played a gig in town last night at Ed's.  I'm playing tonight in LaCrosse, WI, but before heading that way I took a hike up the Sugar Loaf with my buddy Jeff.  I took some pictures with my cell phone of the view from the top and of the Sugar Loaf itself.

Looking down the Mississippi River Valley at Winona and beyond.


Jeff at the base of Sugar Loaf.

The Sugar Loaf.  You can climb to the top, but I happened to be wearing dress shoes and Jeff just got done puking up his breakfast, so we passed on that option.

The view down the other side, looking at the beautiful Mississippi bluffs.

The show last night was great, thanks so much to everyone who came out!  My buddy Nick Shattuck opened the show and played a great set.  We'll both be playing again tonight in LaCrosse.

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Emily said...

Oh Sugar Loaf. I was born and grew up for a short time in Winona, so I have fond memories of that monument. At night, the shadows cast on its face by the lights made it look like a lion's head, but erosion has since sort of ruined that effect. Still a beautiful spot, though!