Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flashback photos: April 20th, 2007 in Oklahoma City

In April of 2007 I was on a tour through the south (by southwest), which included shows in IA, MO, AR, TX, OK, and KS.  Exactly four years ago today, I was in OKC...
spent the morning driving up from Texas, and I must have been amused by the back of this semi-trailer 

 Oklahoma State Capitol

The Blue Moon on Paseo closed shortly after I played there, but it was a pretty cool venue on the second floor of this building. 

The Paseo, a cool little artsy district in OK City. 

shared the show that night with Judson Layne, a really great songwriter from OKC.  Check him out at his myspace page.

And yes, it was 4/20, stupid stoner's holiday, then too (obvs.).  I remember crashing that night at some house somehow associated with the venue, and trying to sleep while people in the next room giggled and satisfied their munchies.  Thanks for the memories, OKC.

Oh yea, and I think there may have been, like, five people in the audience at this show.  Still, a fun night.

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