Monday, April 11, 2011

Stuff From Other Blogs That Turned Me On (My Ears) - #1

 Latest tracks by mightyoaksmusic

Found this through one of my favorite music blogs (one that has covered me before) - vocal nerd rodeo.  The Mighty Oaks are a band based out of Berlin, one of my favorite cities, and one that I hope to get back to real soon.  Listen to this song, it had me tapping my toes.

Then from another blog I really enjoy (another one that has given me coverage - favoritism?) - Slowcoustic.  He posted this beautiful, beautiful music video, "Wore It Deep" by The Tree Ring, a band out of San Diego.  To be honest, I generally don't enjoy the medium that is "music videos" much anymore.  It just got old.  That being said, this is the most enjoying music video I have seen in a long time.  You would do well to watch it, for  serious.

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