Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Darndest Things" footage

I was spending my Saturday night as any professional musician would, playing Risk and watching B-movies with friends, when I received a call from my buddy Nic Thorson inviting me to take part in a movie shoot the next night. Nic is a good friend of my brother's, and also lives out in Los Angeles, but is home in Wisconsin for a bit making a short film entitled "Darndest Things". He need somebody to play the host for an open mic scene being shot at the New Moon Cafe up in Oshkosh, WI, so I said, "sure, what the hell?"

My role is a pretty tiny one, just saying a few lines that any open mic host would say, and then playing a song (Nic asked for a "slow and tender" one, so I played "Everything To Me", which I wrote in West Virginia last year).

Anyways, Nic posted some rough footage on youtube, which you could take as a trailer if you wish, though Nic is probably coming up with something far slicker for that. The song behind the footage is being played by my friend, Laura Schultz, who also plays the lead role in the movie. I make a brief brief cameo appearance in this footage, but hope you enjoy seeing some cool shots and great music!


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