Saturday, February 12, 2011

Like Jack Johnson

 Like Jack Johnson by John Statz 

Gonna write a song like Jack Johnson,
sittin' on the beach.
Writing songs to all da college girls,
feeling happy and free...

Well they got this and we got that,
and I don't mean to tit for tat
and Let's sit under the apple tree
and make a pie for you and me
mmmmmm (make apple pancakes)
(maybe its the weekend)

well the sun is out and so are we
and we are fun and happy free
pretend that I am talented
record the same song over again

Now this is the chorus, here
we'll make it sound more serious.
When you're gone, girl I miss you
and make sure that you always recycle.

well Times Like These, and times like those,
dreams be dreams and bubbletoes
gone going give a damn
cookie jar and middle man,
sweeping the floors, open the doors,
turn off your wars, don't go to da stores.
so many things rhyme with simple words,
and when they fail you can always mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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