Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Young and In Love

I remember being so young and in love,
the foolishness of thinking that we were above,
and when it's time came ended, I'd be so broken up
but now it seems so silly, looking back at us.

Young man, I know, that you are freshly out of school,
and you think that you know where this world is headed to.
Draw your line in sand and refuse to step across.
You got all your years ahead, don't waste them on a loss.


Young man, I'm sorry that she tore your heart in two.
Learn here, a lesson, 'cuz a woman's likely to.
Hold your back up tall and breathe a sigh relief,
'cuz you have more to live for now that you have been released.


Now you just keep moving, and see what happens next.
You can go to England or maybe south of France.
What I'm trying to say to you is just have a blast.
Don't worry 'bout the women, let them fall into your lap.


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