Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tired of Telephones

 Tired of Telephones by John Statz

Wrote most of this song back in mid-January, but I finally settled some of the lyrics and the chorus melody.

We could make this place our own,
and I'm so tired of telephones.
Stay awhile and rest your bones,
this lonely heartsick needs you home.

It's been half a year,
the mercury has dropped.
Winter lasts too long, and I've been,
Waiting for you dear.

I'm a patient man,
but I've filled a page or two,
with thoughts on how impatient I get,
when I think of you... waiting to see you.


I still mark the days,
it helps me pass the time.
Winter's end, it brings good news,
it will be just fine... it will all be fine.


Well we could make this town our home,
and I'm sick of bags and telephones,
stay with me and rest your bones,
and we could make this place our own.

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