Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rust Belt City

 Rust Belt City by John Statz

Heavy smog hung over east,
where three rivers came to meet,
United Steel could not compete.
Now its a sad rust belt city,
Pittsburgh lost to 'cross the sea.

On the banks of Lake Erie,
where the river's flames burned free,
all the people they did flee.
Another sad rust belt city,
Cleveland burned and so did we.

Hark back the glory days,
when steel mills paid a living wage.
But now the nation only sees,
between the sea and shining sea,
a trail of sad rust belt cities.

Down the trail, down the stream,
will our cities still shimmer dreams?
Or will they dry up from underneath?
Like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati,
another sad rust belt city,
another sad rust belt city.

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