Thursday, January 28, 2010


After Berlin I took a bus to Hamburg, where I once again had two shows in two nights.

The first night was a show in a trailer turned music venue, the Mobile Blues Club.  Located in an alternative part of Hamburg, this was a super unique venue.  Unfortunately, it was the one sleeper show I've had so far on this tour, probably due to it being Sunday night and freezing cold.  My only audience was the bartender and her friend, but it was fine, because the three of us sat around the stove to keep warm and chatted in between songs.  I can't complain about only having one sleeper show so far on this tour, and at least I had good company!

Hamburg's city hall.  Impressive, no?

The ruins of a church that was destroyed in World War II.  It has been left this way as a monument against war.  Its amazing how much of this you see in Germany.

Apartment buildings on Hamburg's canals.  Hamburg is a port city in the north of Germany, located on a river very near to the Baltic Sea, so there is lots of water everywhere.

This is an entirely new part of the city that Hamburg is in the process of building.  A futuristic business center and downtown, within twenty years this should be an ultra-hip commercial area rivaling just about anywhere else in Europe.

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