Monday, January 25, 2010

Unna, Germany

So I admittedly didn't plan the German part of my tour so well.  My excuse is that I took gigs where they fell, which is sometimes the best you can do, but it meant criss-crossing the country in a nonsensical fashion.  After leaving the eastern side of the country and Dresden, I had to take 4 different trains to get to the far western edge to play a show in Unna, a town of about 60,000 near the bigger city of Cologne.  After Unna, I would have to catch a train back to Berlin on the eastern side again.  And, I underestimated how expensive the trains are in Germany, as they are much cheaper in the east and in Italy.  So the money got a bit tighter, but luckily I was making enough at every show to cover the next days' train ticket.  Anyways, though Unna is a much prettier town than Chemnitz, it is also not a touristy area, so here are just a few pictures I took of the quaint town, which does not seem as big as it really is.

A church tower that greets you at the train station.

Entering the pedestrian central area of Unna, full of stores (mostly chains, many that we have in the U.S.A.) and restaurants (not chains).

Lively shopping area at dusk.

The central town square, it looks very new, but distinctly German.

My show was at the Spatz Und Wal, which means "Sparrow and Whale".  It was another well-attended concert with yet another great listening crowd.  I'm beginning to feel spoiled in Europe...

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