Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve in Florence

Spent New Year's Eve with the family in Florence (Firenze).  During the day we went to see the sights, and at night I partied with my broseephus in chiefus, Cody.  We witnessed some drunken Italians, though they don't really party quite as much as we Americans do on New Year's.  They do, however, enjoy setting off quarter sticks of dynamite all over the city randomly, so you are constantly hearing loud booms, sometimes right next to you. 

A side view of the Duomo, Florence's famous cathedral.  Too huge to capture whole in picture, at least from the ground.

Famous bridge over the river Arno, though I forget what it is called, it is filled with shops and a secret passageway along the top.

Heading out on the streets of Florence on New Year's for fun and adventure, making sure to watch out for dynamite.

Fireworks over the Arno at midnight.

On a rainy New Year's Day, my mom shows her appreciation for yet another Catholic church.

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