Monday, January 25, 2010

Intro to Germany: Chemnitz

I left Prague in the morning by train, and left the familiar eastern European countries and friends I had visited the year before, and headed into Germany.  Now when I was younger I visited Germany twice with my family, and I am mostly of German ancestry, but I wasn't going anywhere we'd gone on those trips, and my destinations were based entirely on where I had gigs.  This meant that my first destination was far from a tourist haven, and its very name caused most people to laugh when I said thats where I was headed: Chemnitz.  Formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt during the Soviet-run East Germany days, the town is known for being a dull, cold, industrial city.  I was playing a show at a place called Subway To Peter, which ended up being a very cool bar and a surprisingly awesome crowd for a Tuesday night.  I didn't take many pictures, and was pretty much in and out of this town, but here are a few so you get the idea.

The view upon walking outside of the train station.

The band apartment furnished by Subway To Peter.  I think its really cool that venues do this in Germany, it seems pretty standard.  Unfortunately, I didn't pack a blanket or sleeping bag due to lack of room in my backpack, and they didn't have any there.  I slept in my clothes and froze my ass off all night.

A courtyard behind the building with the band apartment.

I did enjoy this attempt to color the city a bit!

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