Monday, January 25, 2010


I left Vienna by bus for Prague, the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic.  Prague would be the last familiar city I would visit on this tour, as I was there last year.  Like last time, I couchsurfed with my good friend Rolf, who works and lives in the Swedish Embassy.  Also like last year, I once again put on a house concert at his place, and this time the crowd increased from about 20 people to 30.  The concert was once again great, and I had a great time meeting a whole new batch of couchsurfing friends!  Below are some pictures I took while wandering through Prague.  I will say that it is very nice to visit a city for a second time, as you don't feel that need to see everything like you do the first time.  It was nice to just walk around with no pressure, and simply enjoy the people and the sights.

Walking down the street that leads from the Embassy down to the city center.  There was a good snowfall the night before, and the city was sort of digging itself out.

On the Charles Bridge.

The old town center, always lively, even when cold and snowy.

Looking down at a canal from the Charles Bridge.

My new Prague friend Ronja and I stumbled onto this "Christmas Tree Graveyard", as she named it.  It seems like people brought their old trees here and set them upright in the snow.  You could still find tinsel on some of them, and Ronja was looking for some candy, to no avail.

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